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3D Printing: A Window into the Future for Product Creation and Innovation

3D printing is sparking significant buzz in the media and encouraging new and exciting innovations throughout the world at large. Available for as little as $200, this additive process, whereby a digital vector image is physically produced by laying individual levels of material on top of one another, continues to become more affordable. This will result in a new world of possibilities for manufacturing and merchandising.

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Reporting live from Facebookistan.

Well, Chicago. But may as well be Facebookistan. Look around you. On the train, in the car, walking down the street. We’ve all seen the disaffected stare and the scrolling thumb. We’ve all sat in meetings where bodies are present but minds are elsewhere. Welcome, my friends, to Facebookistan.
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Internet Week 2012: I Want Media’s Future of Media: 2012

This year for Internet Week New York 2012, a few mcgarrybowen Social Media Specialists attended talks and events. This was the 5th year that the event has graced NYC for an entire week and celebrated the city’s thriving Internet industry and community.

Post-conference, the team took some time to summarize some of the most inspiring panels. Including thoughts on the marriage between search and social and what makes a video go viral. There was a lot to learn and a number of innovative speakers and companies to interact with at IWNY, we hope you find some inspiration as well.

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